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The 12 Principles Adapted to The Computer

January 20, 2012

As animations were put on computers they had a very mechanical feel and did not appear very smooth or life like. However, arguably with the animation from Pixar “Luxor Junior” this all started to change. They applied the 12 principles and created a great animation which would be the start of a new generation of animation.

Squash and Stretch – At the beginning junior jumps on the “I” in the Pixar Logo, causing it to stretch and squash. Luxor Junior steps on the ball which causes it to squash and stretch according to his force. Most of Luxor Juniors movements are squashes and stretches.

Timing – The ball rolls and hits Luxor which engages the audience and also cues for Luxor Junior to enter. Also when Luxor Junior gets excited about the ball and jumps up and down, it helps the audience understand how small and light Luxor Jr. is compared to Luxor and how much energy Luxor Jr. has.

Anticipation – This is noticeable when Luxor Jr. wriggles and gets ready to go after the ball. Also when Luxor studies the first ball and pushes it off-screen only for it to come back again.

Staging – Dark, blank background focuses attention on the characters in front as well as the light from both lamps

Follow Through and Overlapping Action – When both Luxo and junior push the ball you can clearly see their whole body following through on the motion.

Straight Ahead Action and Pose-to-Pose Action – The large ball is rolled in and out of frame non-stop. The first ball rolls into frame, stops and is rolled back out.

Slow in and Out – Junior enters the frame and hurries forward but slows to look Luxor then hurries away again. As the ball rolls into view it slowly slows after it hits Luxor.

Arcs – As junior hops around after the large ball he is moving in an arc.

Exaggeration – The idea that these lamps come to life but also Luxor Jr flattening the ball as he repeatedly jumps on it. Also the movements of junior as he trying to balance on the small ball

Secondary Action – When they both move their wires move with them.

Appeal – Luxor Junior’s excitement and enthusiasm is appealing to the audience



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