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Real World and Virtual World Integration

January 20, 2012

SGI has created a link between real world in film and the animated world. Today with such advanced technology this can hardly be noticed, it is almost a blur between the two. Disneys 12 principles can still be seen throughout especially principles such as metamorphosis, stretch and squash and anticipation. Below are two examples of recent films which incorporate both real world and animation.

“The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” – – is a very recent film which animates apes along with humans as they become more and more powerful. It is a brilliant film and the apes are completely believable, there is not a moment where the audience question whether these apes are actually real or not.

Avatar is another prime example. It is one of the most famous SGI films, and is so realistic. There is no doubt at all that this world exists. It is a truly great film, anyone who hasn’t watched this should! –

Both of these films demonstrate all of the 12 principles in order to create realistic animations that will last a long time.


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