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January 3, 2012

This short film “Love Triangle” constantly shows synecdoche in things such as crumbs coming from squiggly lines which represent his chest hair. Also the fact that the women changes into a triangle in order to represent a “samosa” and the idea of “you are what you eat” comes under the concept of synecdoche. This is a good example as the flowing shapes convey people or parts of them.

Another short film by Blackwatch describes the womens Uncle Stephen. The artist uses blotches of ink which convey not only the uncertainty of him because she cannot quite remember him fully but also because he writes therefore it is a constant reminder of him. It is a good example as many of the objects shown are a recollection of her past and therefore convey more than just flowers or records but a person. I think this is a good example of synecdoche as it illustrates the story of her uncle.


From → 2D Animation

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