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Metaphor – The Big Snit

January 3, 2012

“The Big Snit”like other animations has many metaphors. These are the ones I have picked out of this particular animation.

  • “Scrabble” – They are playing an endless game of scrabble as the husband has only a few of the letter “E” left. This is like married life; it is an endless game where they both get frustrated at one another then joyful when a word is placed. The woman pretends not to care but cannot help but be frustrated and disappointed at her husband.
  • Domestic life is like a nuclear war – While the world outside is in complete havoc the married life between the couple is similar. It’s explosive and fierce but when all is calm and peace is restored it is fine.
  • There is life after death – The couple appear to be angel like and have a life after death showing they are at peace

From → 2D Animation

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