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January 3, 2012!

I found this “winged metamorphosis” animation quite intriguing. It is by a Marek Speilmann, made in 1984. It creates an eerie, creepy tone through its music but also the metamorphosis. Beginning with circles within circles, the animation lures the audience in, also most like a hypnotist. This then turns in to a clock, the sound of the clock makes the audience feel unsteady and not at ease which is further emphasised by the alarm. This theme is continued throughout as the animation morphs into a bike, then to a desert scene with skulls and hanged skeletons. It is kept consistent and flowing by the use of circles which appear on the bike and also the birds which fly away. I think this is a powerful and well thought of piece. It can be considered as an example of metamorphosis as this is the main theme of the animation.

This second example is by Peter Foldes in 1974. The full animation is in metamorphosis, each scene evolves from the previous to show the progress in the man’s life. Through the ominous music the stress of the man is recreated. I think this is a brilliant example of metamorphosis as it has a storyline and is fluent throughout. The man begins slim and stressed with too many phone calls waiting for lunch but then because of the stress/anxiety he craves food and therefore binges. The animation shows him growing in weight as he continues to eat as well as finding a woman who he then looks at as ice cream. There are many messages in this animation and I find it very interesting.

This short animated film by Caroline Leaf shows small examples of metamorphosis as objects and the sisters seem to morph in and out of the screen or into other objects. It is a very interesting little film as it tells the story of two sisters who live away from others until a stranger appears at their door. I think it is an example of metamorphosis in a not so obvious way like the previous examples.


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