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November 22, 2011

Art and technology constantly interlink with one another. It is everywhere today. Right now I’m writing this on my Samsung laptop that has a red case which has a pattern over it, surely that is a piece of art? It is one of the many influences which drew me into buying the product. It’s the same with the Iphone, no one would buy it just because of the technology that it holds, it has to look good as well therefore surely it can be justified as a piece of art.

Digital art is work which I think is very much influenced by technology as it is only due to the equipment we have now a days that make this possible. There are many artists whom I could talk about these days as so many have amazing pieces of work but Bobby Chiu is one which is recognisable as he has designed for Disney, Warner Bros and Star Wars

“Of his choice to work with digital rather than traditional materials, Chui told It’s Art Magazine, “When I experimented a bit with Illustrator and Photoshop 3 I quickly realized that ‘digital’ will be the way to go in the near future. With digital art there is no need to buy paint or canvases and you can take your art with you to work on almost anywhere. You can’t do that using traditional materials.””

His work is amazing; it fits perfectly into today’s society and brings a new life to animation. He is a true inspiration to students and I was really intrigued by his work. One of his latest design was for “Alice and Wonderland” which when I watched, before knowing the designer, I thought was spectacular. It is truly a piece of art in itself. I think it is films like this which show the true power of what technology and art can create together.


Have a look at other amazing designers –


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