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Art & Science

November 22, 2011

There has been a debate for around 50 years now on whether the two values of art and science can be as one. They are two subjects which appear very differently and people don’t necessarily see how they can be mixed. Before looking into this, I’ll admit I was sceptical of what I would come across, I never quite realised how powerful these two cultures can be when they join forces. The Arts Catalyst is a company which commissions artist to take part in projects which put the two together; the website is really intriguing and shows how often these two cultures can be a part of one another.

I then thought about this more simply after hours on Google trying to find a good example to put across why I think Art can be influenced by science. Photographs of outer space and our planet, or more simply look at the stars on a clear sky night and there is art. It is a natural form, one which someone hasn’t thought about and managed to create but simply it is there, and has been for a long time. We should appreciate this more often, and the argument of whether art and science can or cannot be combined has a simple answer. It already has, and it is magnificent. Science believes that it was a “big bang” that caused the universe; I believe that in itself is a form of art, in fact it would be the beginning of art. The pictures I’ve put up show how beautiful and remarkable the universe is and why I believe art and science can work together.


Peter Randall is an artist who is inspired by nature and science. His piece, “Tongues” is another example of how the two cultures can work together. He has used these tongues to create amazing pieces, which encourages people to think about materials and not stick to what we are made to believe art is.

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