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Contemporary Art – Feminist Art by Cindy Sherman

November 17, 2011

Feminist Art plays an important part in Contemporary art; it can be defined as art by women artists made deliberately in the light of advances society to do with women. The art echoed many of their lives and experiences. Many questioned why there had not been a great women artist and whThe not so feminist feministy men dominated yet another part of culture. Words such as “masterpiece” appeared to lean towards one gender as women had not been a part of art and questioned why both genders were represented so differently. Much of feminist art shows menstrual blood and vaginal imagery, focusing very much so on female body parts which does not appeal to everyone and is largely rejected. I think today we have a much more willing society and it is accepted more so than what it would have been at the time, for example in the 70s. Feminist work also used media which was associated with women, for instance embroidery and sewing. Later works by feminists explored the ideas of femininity and womanhood.

Cindy Sherman’s work is very reflective and encourages her audience to think about themselves rather than her, or what she is feeling.  Her “Untitled Film Stills” can be considered her most popular work. She takes on ambiguity and said herself that she feels she disappears in the photos as she takes on different roles; she is never herself. One which I found interesting was Untitled #97 which shows Cindy after what can be assumed a nude photo-shoot but now she is covered up and has a gaze which seems annoyed and wounded. She does not appear happy. I think this makes her audience think about how women who take part in these shoots do not always feel comfortable and can at times feel pressured and taken advantage of. Women do these shoots for men, and although Sherman does not consider herself a feminist, I feel these photos stand up for women. At the end of the say women should be able to be satisfied with themselves. These photo shoots can be exploiting and not always the perceived idea of glamorous. I think these photos should be communicated more with younger girls that feel they have flaunt themselves for men because that is what society shows.

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