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Postmodernism – A Reaction to Modernism

November 16, 2011

Post Modernism is the term which describes the movement of art after the Modernist movement. Post modernism is said to be a contradiction of Modernism in some aspects as it rejected the concern of post-war modernism and sought to disperse the divisions of art, popular culture and the media. These artists would use an arrangement of elements from previous art movements and apply these to modern forms often resulting in ironic outcomes. Their art had more of an instantaneous appeal than Modernism as it was less severe. The movement focuses more on personal realties, therefore suggesting that there are numerous forms of reality and truth; everything is open to question.

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehrys style of work is considered to be Deconstructivism which falls into the realms of Postmodernism. His works sometimes appears as if unfinished and almost rough but his work is known to consist with the California “Funk” movement of the 1960s/70s. This is why his work features non-traditional media to make serious art. His work is so intriguing and different, I find him fascinating. He was not afraid to step away from the traditional values of architecture and designed buildings which are out of the ordinary and stand out.  One example of his work is the “Dancing House” in Prague.

The Dancing House

 I think this is a captivating piece of work as it is so different. It almost appears cartoon like. At first glance I was drawn into the building and after researching it, I was intrigued further. The design was extremely controversial at the time but the Czech president was one who was among the supporters of it, he hoped it would become a centre of cultural activity which I feel is appropriate for the building. It was originally named “Fred and Ginger” as it resembles a pair of dancers (Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers).

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