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Modernism – Raymond Loewy

November 9, 2011

Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy is the only designer who truly can be considered and associated with the Art Deco movement. His talent in art led him to a career which varied from a fashion illustrator and then to a revolutionary career in industrial design. He worked for vast amounts of companies using his talent to design everyday items such as cigarettes packets and fridges as well as cars and space crafts. As I researched Loewy, I found his designs are still used today and in fact I see these designs every day but have never appreciated who had designed them. I think this shows that his work can be classed as part of the Modernism movement as they can still be used and are still effective today. His designs were interesting and remained simplistic, they satisfied the public. “Coca Cola” and “Shell” are two prime examples.

Both are not complicated by any matter of means yet attract people to them which they should. Loewy opened doors for both these businesses as people were interested and taken in by colourful designs.

These are still just as effective today. He also revolutionised the car, his design was beautiful. A car that people would be proud to be seen in and drive, he truly gave the public designs which would grow and become recognisable all over the world. I think simply by how successful Loewy was and the fact these designs are still used today show that he is a prime example of Modernism.

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  1. Dianne Barry permalink

    Again excellent work Megan.

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