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Modernism – Frank Lloyd Wright

November 9, 2011

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was recognised in 1999 as “the greatest American architect of all time”. His creations were organic and he took this down to the smallest detail. He conceived every detail of the internal and external design/fittings such as furniture, carpets and decorative features. He supplied purpose-built furniture which performed as integrated parts of the whole design and would return to earlier commissions to redesign internal fittings. He was one of the first, and few, architects to do this which I think illustrates that he is a prime example of Modernism. This is due to the fact he thought differently and wanted to supply a product/design that would be practicable. This picture of Monona Terrace also displays his Modernistic approach as the design is simplistic and not overly decorative.

 It was one of his last designs and was not accepted straight away; in fact the design was rejected several times until in 1997, 60 years after Wright died, it opened its doors for the first time. Again a prime example of why he is Modernistic as it is almost as if this particular design was ahead of its time and simply too modern for society at the time of design (193). There are many reasons it was not accepted, one being that a World War had started and it was side-lined and then in 1990 when it was proposed again it was argued that it was not an original design of Wright. However, I think Wright displays a lot in this particular building as to why his work should be considered as Modernism through his technique as well as the design itself.

  1. Dianne Barry permalink

    Well written. Now give your own reflections – why did you chose FLW and how do you respond to his designs?

  2. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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