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The Revelance of Knowing Our Past.

November 4, 2011

 The relevance of studying the histories or art and design is to gain knowledge of how the world itself has evolved; it demonstrates how we have got to a point of which we now call art. It not only shows how art itself has changed and progressed but reflects how society has progressed along with art. The way society has changed has obviously had a strong influence over artists themselves and the way in which they choose to express themselves and produce their work. Their work echoes their personal thoughts and feelings over society. I also think it is important to study the histories as we can learn from mistakes, from artists experiments that didn’t work out so we do not continue to make these and can continue instead to move forward in ways of life, culture, traditions and the media. Politics can also learn from art as it is a form of expressing the feelings towards how countries were/are ran and the people who were part of this whether that be positive or negative and again this gives reason not to repeat mistakes throughout society. Learning about art shows the progression in human technology and development, we can easily see how much we have advanced in life.






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