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The Birth of Modernism

November 2, 2011


Influential Artists.


Adolf Loos was an architect in the 19th/20th century who had a great influence in the birth of modernism. His designs argued that time should not be wasted on buildings which will become obsolete therefore for architects to design great detailed ornamental buildings would be a waste of time in his mind. The buildings which he designed were fairly simplistic, a key concept of modernism. He believed “Ornament is a crime”. It is this approach to his work which makes him a great influence on the 20th century as it allowed buildings and objects to be designed with use in mind rather than decoration.

Arguably, William Morris is the most influential artist of the nineteenth century, meaning he had a great influence over what art would be in the 20th century. Modernism has its roots amongst his work. His work differed from modernists however, as they used mass production rather than handmade items although both sought after the simplistic and utility in art. He wanted people to have items in their homes that could be used, yet look good. He wanted something for everyone. He is largely known for his incredible wallpapers that are still manufactured today. It is his ideals which I believe had a strong influence over what art became in the 20th century.

Walter Gropius was German architect and founder of the Bauhaus School. He is widely regarded as one of the pioneering masters of modern architecture and design. He is often said to be a innovator of modern architecture as he saw the gap between technology, industry and architecture and wanted to get rid of that. The Bauhaus is an extremely important part of modernism, and it was Gropius that designed this famous monument.

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  1. Dianne Barry permalink

    Hi Megan
    You have made a good choice to write about Loos, Morris and Gropius for The Birth of Modernism. Please give your sources and credit any references and quotes which you have used.

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